Podcasting 101

What you need to know about producing your very own show!

Podcasting is a creative art form that allows one to convey a message or a story through a microphone with the intention of having an audience ready to listen and receive it.

Podcasting allows the person who is presenting  the message through the story to transcend time and space... In other words a podcast has the power to reach anyone anywhere at any given time!

There are some very simple but important things that need to be implemented in order to be able to experience total impact with your podcast. In this course your podcast coach will show you what you need to know so that you can establish yourself and make your mark in the world with your very own podcast.

Coach Toresa M.Blakely will take you through a few short simple but important steps that will help you get going with your new addition to your brand! So get ready to take a ride into the world of media that is sure to rock your world and make you the envy of many for choosing to chase your dream and make it become your reality.

What's included?

4 Videos
1 Text
3 PDFs
1 Audio

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